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compiled and transcribed by Robin Reid


original transcriptions by Terrence Reid 

and Yvonne Parenteau


Vancouver, BC


Whifield Chase2.jpg

In 1850, Whitfield Chase left his home and family in Otego, NY to trek west on the Oregon Trail seeking his fortune. During that journey, and for years to come, he corresponded with his family back home. These are some of his, and his family's letters. 

Notes on Compiling and Transcribing the Letters

Anything in italics were not in the original letters and have been added by myself for clarification. Dates were found by cross-referencing from different letters, ususally references to location, children's ages, Tempe's death, etc.

I've corrected some spelling errors. I've also added some punctuation (commas and periods) to make reading easier. Whitfield used dashes for periods, I've converted these.


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